Get Rid of Distractions

How much work do you think you would get done if you sat at your desk and had your favorite TV show on right next to you? Probably not a lot. Well that is just one example of a distraction . There are many more common distractions in the home office that you need to get rid of to get stuff done quickly. One thing that may cause you to be distracted from your work is if you have a phone near you that is not used for work. If you have your cell phone right next to you, you may be tempted to send a quick text, and end up in a conversation. Another distraction that you might have is music. If you do listen to music, make sure it is something soothing and not going to make you concentrate on the song and not your work. Also, try to position your desk so that it is not looking directly out the door, or you may be tempted to look at what is going on in the rest of the house. For example, you may end up watching your dog trying to catch his tail. There are many more distractions out there. It’s up to you to make sure that they aren’t in your home office. And just remember, a distraction is anything that causes you to concentrate on it, and not on your work.


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