Dual Monitors

There are many advantages to having double monitors. It can make working on the computer so much easier. I have dual monitors set up right now on my computer. It allows you to have two different windows open at one time. So, you can have your email open all the time so that you see when you have a new one. Also, if you have to copy something form a document to something like a slide show it takes less time. It can be helpful in organizing the windows you have open. It can save you a lot of time. On the other hand, having two monitors takes up a lot of space. Some of you are already trying to save space, and having dual monitors might not work. So there are some positives and negatives of having dual monitors.


One thought on “Dual Monitors

  1. Dual monitors are a great tool! I actually have 6 monitors on my computer because the more you have, the more productive you can be! Like you said, it’s great to copy and paste across monitors, while they still have independent properties. Basically, it’s one of the best inventions for creativity and productivity that I know of! Awesome post!

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