The Paperless Office

There are many things that every home office has, like a phone book, letters, bills, and books just to name a few. But many of these things do not need to be kept on paper. For example you can find a phone book online that is much easier to use that an actual book. Also, you don’t have a huge book taking up space and you help to save trees by using less paper. Emails can also use up a lot of paper, that is if you print them out. Avoid printing out unnecessary emails and you’ll save paper. Another thing that may take up lots of your paper supply is printing documents. Try proofreading on the computer, this will also save time when you go to make corrections. Also, if someone is going to send you a document, ask them to email it instead of printing it, not only will this mean less paper for you to deal with, but no postage fees and you receive it instantly. There are many ways to reduce the amount of paper you use. And the less paper you have the less files you have to deal with. New technology is always coming out and if used properly it can make working in your home office much easier.


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