Have a “Catch All” Place

Throughout the week, I receive many assorted things that I have to deal with. These are things like random letters and mail, samples, or really anything else. These things often irritate me because they do not have a home in my office, and end up becoming clutter. I have found one way that helps me to deal with these things, however. What I do is keep a space open just for these items. This way, when I receive a letter or something else that I cannot deal with at the moment, I can have it neatly put away in this place. I even have a little basket that I put all of these things in to keep them all together. This place also serves as a holding place when I take a break, am interrupted, or have to divert my attention. I can easily just throw some files in here, and easily pick them up when I return or can get back to them. My only warning is to make sure that this space does not become too overfilled, black hole for all of your papers, but if you can prevent that, this will become a great way to help keep you organized.


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