Monitors: CRT or LCD

Almost all home office these days have a computer and with a computer comes a monitor. If you still have a CRT monitor, you may consider getting a new LCD monitor. CRT monitors are very large and take up valuable desktop real estate. CRTs are also not as bright as LCDs are and therefore do not work well in bright rooms. Not only are CRTs large, but they can produce a lot of heat and use a lot of heat. CRTs also may not be as sharp as LCDs. There are many reasons why you may consider getting an LCD monitor. They have a small footprint, use less energy, and don’t produce as much heat as CRTs do. Some LCDs also can be mounted on the wall so that they take up no desktop space. There are many reasons to replace your CRT monitor, but the decision is up to you.


Computer To Do List

To do lists are very important. They can help keep time in your home office organized. But with pen and paper you can end up using lots of paper and you have to rewrite things on to other lists when you run out of room. So putting your to do list of a computer can be very helpful. This not only saves paper, but it is easy to remove things and alter things without crossing things out. If you have a project that has to be done by Thursday, you can put the date next to it. Then, if the day you need to do it by changes, you can can change it on your list very easily. Something else that you might consider is color coding item. For example you could make things that need to be done as soon as possible red, things that don’t need to be done as quickly yellow, and everything in between orange. A to do list on the computer can make your to do list very convenient.

The Paperless Office

There are many things that every home office has, like a phone book, letters, bills, and books just to name a few. But many of these things do not need to be kept on paper. For example you can find a phone book online that is much easier to use that an actual book. Also, you don’t have a huge book taking up space and you help to save trees by using less paper. Emails can also use up a lot of paper, that is if you print them out. Avoid printing out unnecessary emails and you’ll save paper. Another thing that may take up lots of your paper supply is printing documents. Try proofreading on the computer, this will also save time when you go to make corrections. Also, if someone is going to send you a document, ask them to email it instead of printing it, not only will this mean less paper for you to deal with, but no postage fees and you receive it instantly. There are many ways to reduce the amount of paper you use. And the less paper you have the less files you have to deal with. New technology is always coming out and if used properly it can make working in your home office much easier.

Dual Monitors

There are many advantages to having double monitors. It can make working on the computer so much easier. I have dual monitors set up right now on my computer. It allows you to have two different windows open at one time. So, you can have your email open all the time so that you see when you have a new one. Also, if you have to copy something form a document to something like a slide show it takes less time. It can be helpful in organizing the windows you have open. It can save you a lot of time. On the other hand, having two monitors takes up a lot of space. Some of you are already trying to save space, and having dual monitors might not work. So there are some positives and negatives of having dual monitors.


Most of you probably use email often. One of the things that you should do to control your emails is delete ones that are unimportant. If you do this as soon as you get them then you will have only important ones. If you have only the important ones you can get to the ones you need quicker. This will increase productivity and help you to get stuff done quicker. It will also make your inbox much more organized because it won’t have too many emails. So if you delete unneeded emails as soon as you get them, you will have an organized inbox.

Computer Desktop

Just like your real desktop, you need to keep your computer desktop organized. Just like a real desktop you don’t want to keep too many things out. So, for your computer you should make sure that you don’t have unnecessary icons. To make sure you don’t accumulate too many, go through them maybe once a month and delete ones that you do not need. This will help you to keep them under control. Also, arrange them in an order that makes sense and fits your needs. I recommend keeping like things together or in alphabetical. Make sure that the ones you use all the time are easy to get to. Whatever you do, don’t have so many that you fill up the screen. This will cause problems when you try to install programs and create other icons. Just make sure to go through them every once in awhile and you will have a very organized computer desktop.

Organizing Computer Files

When you hear the word files you probably think of big filing cabinets full of folders and paper that take up lots of room. While it is important to keep those files organized, it is also important to keep your computer files organized. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have everything sorted. Just like in a regular filing cabinet, you wouldn’t put contracts in the same folder as your sales for last year. This is also important if the computer in your home office is used for things other than work, for example if the kids type reports on it. If that is the case, you want to make sure you do not mix those up. I recommend that you keep the family on a different computer if you use it for work purposes. Also make sure that all of your files have a recognizable name. If it is on a presentation about sales name it something like “sales feb 08” and not just “Feb 08”. Also, if you are going to use shorter names (for example “ppt” instead of “power point”) make sure that you remember it, because it is a pain to have to open the file and realize that it wasn’t the one you needed. So if you treat your computer files the same way that you treat your actual files, your computer will be just as organized as you filing cabinet. And when your files are organized, they are easier to find. And the easier they are to find, the more free time you will have.