New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

It is almost the New Year and time to start thinking about a new year’s resolution, if you haven’t already. You could make 2009 your year to get yourself organized. As I stress a lot on this blog, organization is very important, and can make your life a little less stressful. So getting your office organized could also make 2009 better. If getting organized is going to be your New Year’s resolution you have to make sure you can keep it. There are many ways to keep organized. Start off the new year by cleaning out all of the unneccessary stuff you have in your office. Then make a new system that is easy to use, so you can finally keep that new year’s resolution. Also, check out this blog because there are new ideas and tips all the time. Happy New Year, and good luck with your resolution.


Get Organized for the Holidays

Having an organized office can make your holiday shopping less stressful. Here are a few tips to get organized this holiday season.  First of all, keep all of your receipts from shopping in a separate place so you can easily find them. That way when something is opened Christmas morning and doesn’t fit, you can easily find the reciept. This will make for less stress after the holidays have past. Another thing you can do to be organized for the holidays is make lists of who you need to buy for, who you have already bought for, your budgeting, etc. This way no one is forgotten on Christmas and there are no surprises when the credit card bill comes. Wrapping presents as soon as you buy them can also make for things easier. You won’t be up late Christmas eve wrapping if you wrap them earlier. Also, try to keep the rest of your office organized because losing anything will create stress, and the holidays can be a stressful time of year. Just remember the more organized you are the more joyous this holiday season will be.

Color Coding Files

Files are something that all home offices have, whether you like it or not. Files can become confusing and hard find over time. Having file folders that are different colors can be helpful when looking for a file. Colored files can make you so much more organized. For example have everything in blue folders: financial information, yellow: unfinished projects, and red: client information, or whatever you need them to be. When you want to find information on that client you helped last month you can open up the file cabinet, go to the red files, and pull the one you need. It can make finding files quick and simple.

Overflowing Drawers

When you think about an organized home office you may or may not think about your drawers, but they are important to home office organization. Your desk drawers, and any other drawers you have, should not have so much stuff that they barely close. Try cleaning out your drawers every once in awhile. Depending on what is in the drawer, the bottom should be barely covered by it’s contents. You should be able to open the drawer and see all of the stuff in it. This way you don’t waste time searching for things. I recommend getting drawer organizers that have compartments for things like pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. Having an organized home office means that you should have organized drawers.

Put Everything Away

Leaving things laying out around is going to ruin your chances of an organized home office. If you never put things away you will end up with stuff all over your office and you won’t be able to find things that you need. You will end up spending a lot of time looking for things that would take seconds to find in an organized home office. That is why putting things away is so important. Not only is it going to help keep you organized, but it can be a huge time saver in the long run. It may take time to put things away but it is less time than what you would be wasting looking for things. Everything in your home office needs to have a place to be stored, and when you aren’t using something it needs to be put away. I recommend taking a few minutes at the end of the day to put everything away.

Computer To Do List

To do lists are very important. They can help keep time in your home office organized. But with pen and paper you can end up using lots of paper and you have to rewrite things on to other lists when you run out of room. So putting your to do list of a computer can be very helpful. This not only saves paper, but it is easy to remove things and alter things without crossing things out. If you have a project that has to be done by Thursday, you can put the date next to it. Then, if the day you need to do it by changes, you can can change it on your list very easily. Something else that you might consider is color coding item. For example you could make things that need to be done as soon as possible red, things that don’t need to be done as quickly yellow, and everything in between orange. A to do list on the computer can make your to do list very convenient.

Empty Your Trash Can

Have a trash can is a must in having an organized home office, but it is also important to empty it. When you have a trash can that is overflowing you may not throw things away that should be thrown away. An overflowing trash can is not nice to look at. So empty your trash can before it gets full and you will be on your way to haveing an organized home office.