More Free Time

pencil-ballBeing organized has lots of upsides. One of the best advantages of organization is free time. If your office is organized well you can find things much easier and you won’t have to search. Who knows, you might even have enough free time to create a piece of artwork like the one above.

image from fdecomite at flickr


Unnecessary Duplicates

Despite your tries to abolish paper in your office complely, you probably still have some printed documents. Well one way to make sure that you don’t have unneccesary documents is by throwing away all duplicates. If you thought you lost something and printed out a second one, throw away the first on if you find it. This way you don’t have two sheets of the same thing, which reduce the amount of file storage that you need. So if you have two of something and don’t need the second, throw it away.

Expired Materials

There are probably a lot of things in your office that have a date on them.  Coupons and bills are some that come to mind.  Make sure to pay bills on time and when a coupon expires, throw it away. There is no need for you to have useless paper in your office. You might also have documents that are dated.  If you have something from awhile back that can’t be used again, you should throw it away. Also, you don’t need to keep books that have old information in them. For emample a book on how to use computers that was published 10 years ago probably won’t have up to date information in it. These are just a few examples, so if you have something in your home office that is dated and not needed, get rid of it.

Too Much Furniture

Having to much furniture in your home office can be a bad thing. While it may be a place for you to store everything, it can end up creating an unorganized atmosphere. The main reason that most of you probably have lots of furniture in your office is because it gives you a place to put all of your stuff, but having lots of furniture has many downsides too. The first is also the reason you probably have all of the furniture, it is a place to hold all of your stuff. This is a bad thing because it usually lets you accumulate too much stuff, and that is the main enemy of organization. The other thing that having too much furniture causes is an office that feels cramped. Most of us don’t have a home office big enough to hold lots of furniture so it makes the room feel tight and crowded. So make sure that your home office doesn’t have too much furniture and you will be on the right path to the ultimate organized office.

Pens That Don’t Come Off Checks

It used to be that the only way to protect yourself from someone stealing your checks was to be very cautious in making sure that a thief doesn’t get a hold of them. Well now there is a way to help protect yourself from a thief “washing” your checks. Check washing is when someone uses chemicals to “wash” the ink off of a check to make it out to themselves. There is now a type of pen that is very good at preventing this from happening. This pen can help you to protect yourself from loosing lots of money. To purchase some of these pens click the link below.

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