Books Online

You probably have a lot of books in your office, and that is not neccessarily a bad thing. It is, however, a bad thing if you rarely use some of them. Having a book that you aren’t constantly using takes up valuable space. There is a solution though. Search the book online to see if there is an online version on a site like Google books. If you find the book online, save it as a bookmark and get rid of the hard copy. This will help you to clear room on your bookshelf making it easier to organize and find books. You may also want only do this for books you don’t use often, because it may be hard to use an online book all the time. Check and see if there is an online version you could use before you go out and buy the actual book, that way you save money and trees. Online books can be great space, tree, and money savers, but they can sometimes have drawbacks.