Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects can cause the level of organization in your home office to drop.  Having many unfinished projects all around your home office can make it seem very unorganized and distracting. Quite often little piles of unfinished work will build up around the office, and make it harder to find things. Personally, I find this more distracting mentally than it is having piles. My mind will often get cluttered with the things I know I have to do, and keep me from concentration on the tasks at hand. When I sit down to work on something, I often end up thinking about all of the other things that I still have to finish.

Sometimes there is nothing that you can do about these unfinished projects, and circumstances you cannot control prevent you from completing something. This is when you have to deal with what you have. Keep all of your unfinished projects together in one place. I find that keeping a folder or manila envelope for each project helps to keep me organized. I can then keep those together, and when I feel the urge to complete one of the projects, I can easily get to them. Also, it is very satisfying to see when your pile of things to do slowly dwindles down. So next time you have unfinished projects and can’t finish them at the moment, keep them organized, and working on other project will be much easier.