Organization Tips

  • Always have a to-do list nearby and write things down on it. Then you won’t forget to do it.
  • Don’t leave stuff lying around on your desk, you will be more likely to lose things.
  • When a pen doesn’t work anymore throw it out or you will end up with a collection of pens that don’t work.
  • Go through drawers often so you don’t accumulate too much stuff.
  • Make sure everything has a home and at the end of the day it needs to go there.
  • Try writing dates in a planner with pencil, that way if it changes, you can change it in your planner easily
  • Make sure a trash can is always nearby, that way you will be more likely to throw stuff away.

Leave your tips as a comment here.


2 thoughts on “Organization Tips

  1. i am redoing my office and i really love all theese tips + at tip is even though it seems like tough work it always pays off

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